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Good Food near Mallory Park

A while back we went to Mallory Park for the British Moto- X GP(2008) and on the way back stumbled on a pub which did great food, but then lost the address, we've now found it, but you might struggle to find it on your road map, in their words "Brascote cannot be found on many maps, but it is situated on the road between the centre of Newbold Verdon and Kirkby Mallory", so if you do visit an event at Mallory the Windmill Inn and Brascote Resturant is worth a little detour and to help you find it we've added a link to The Windmill Inn & Brascote Resturant on Multimap Map.

And Buxton (added August 2010)

A Traditional Free House Country Pub offering quality beers from Coors and Superb Guest Beers, Home Cooked Food and a Family Friendly Atmosphere with the addition of a Large Function room which Doubles as the Unique Winkers Night Club, the highest altitude night club in England

1,500 feet above Sea Level http://www.winkingman.com/



Didn't they used to race Stockcars? (7/08)

This all started by accident when we decided not to go to Buxton for the F2's on Sunday July 27th 2008 and go to Donnington Park for the “Truck Attack” meeting instead.
First of all it was a great day out, the sun shone all day (no really it did) and the racing was top notch on most of the formulas on offer. If anything we'd gone to see the Legends but that wasn't where this the surprise of the day appeared.
Next day I went to “www.pickuptruckracing.com” to find out a little bit more and got the strange feeling a name rang a bell, in fact 4 bells ;#6 Rob Butterfield,#14 Damien Carr ,#93 Michael Smith & #66 Martin Heath all ex BriSCA F1 drivers appeared. Next up was #22 Nic Grindrod ,#39 Karl Turner, & #66 Martin Heath agian all had been involved in BriSCA F2's at some point. http://pickuptruckracing.com/drivers.phtml is the place to find out a bit more about these drivers. On to the Legends and we find yet more BriSCA accociations #16 Richard Pocklington had some connection with the F2's via his brother and farther (although his actual racing credentials I'm unsure about). You can read a little more on his webpage www.rapidmotorsport.co.uk. #32 Peter Morton had a 20 year involvment with the F1's and according to the info available won Novice of the Year in 1980. Last but by no means least and perhaps with the most interesting connection to BriSCA is #85 Iain Holden, Iain raced in BriSCA F2 Stock Cars in a spare car belonging to none other than Rob Speak which Iain seems to have driven for a single season, but Iain's involvement doesn't end there as he races #85, it seems Iain was a good friend and mechanic to Ray Tyldesley.

(Addition July 28th 2008) Thanks to "Trev" (member of Stoxnet) who informs us "#5 John Mickel was one of the biggest names in F2's in the 1990s" looking at Johns Career History it looks like John was also a big name in Legends to.

(Addition July 29th 2008) More of them, this time on the Rebels webpage, currently "Rebbling" but having driven in other formulas are ;


#4 Terry Vernon-F2

#9/405 Anthony Hamstead-V8

#15 Eric Hayden-Ministox

#17 Lee Cooke-V8

#21 James Spittle-Ministox

#33 Adam Charlesworth-Ministox

#37 Stuart Moss Snr-F2

#40 Steve Featherstone-F2

#44 Steve Geary-V8

#46 Nathan Tye-F2

#53 Graham Charlesworth-Ministox

#68 Kelvin Passey-Ministox

#70 Steve Pollitt-F1-F2-(Webpage)

#81 Johnny Painter-F2

#88 Steven Mallinson-F2

#100 Adam Rubery-Ministox

#234 Crig Morgan-F2

#275 Ian Bell-F1



Updated June 20th 2009

#361 Steve Shaw-F2

#395 Thomas Sutton-Ministox

#488 Mike Kingston-F1 & F2

#615 Rod Webster-F2

#786 John Hoole-V8

#588 Vicki Kingston-Ministox

#999 Neil Clayton-F2


"Noddys Bus" Mick Noden 306 (May 2007)


Spotted on eBay and posted on Stoxnet for us all to see in May 2007 a tiny bit of stock car history went up for sale the HARRINGTON AEC COACH RACE CAR TRANSPORTER (1965) that was once owned by Mick Noden 306. Noddy was a good driver and one of the drivers I always looked out for so if for no one else but me I decided to add it to my blog.
The ebay blurb went like this; We bought this 2 years ago for our stock car and it served us well a few times until we bought a newer one.It is a harrington conversion.It is now out of mot/plate it passed ok the last time though and has only done a couple of thousand miles since.

It starts and runs well it has a 6 speed box which is easy o use.
The inside is tatty and could do with updating it has a cooker and a couple of bunks and some seats but it could all do with ripping out and the inside of a caravan putting in. (cheap option)
The outside is covered in dirt and moss as it has been sitting for 10 months unused but it cleans up ok.Ideal for your stock car or race car or motorcross

You can call me on (number removed)

She is advertised locally for £2000 and the reserve is set less.
You must collect it within 5 days if you win and you must be from the uk with 8 good feedback or more.You must send a £200 deposit to my paypal account to show your commitment before we arrange collection,this is a strict policy I cannot change as there are lots of idiots on ebay.

We can deliver it at 99p per mile.